EA Sports Active Blog: Day Four



After a nice day of rest, I woke this morning ready for day 4 of my EA Active Sports 30 day challenge.  My virtual trainer warned me today that I would be working the upper body today, so I was ready to flex my 14 inch guns (and trust me, I’m being completely sarcastic).  The workout itself wasn’t too strenuous, but those lunges are still killing my knees.  Today I revisited two of the game’s “mini-games”; balance board tennis and inline skating.

When all was said and done I ended up only doing a 25 minute workout, but I broke the 1,000 calorie barier and earned a nice little motivational video congratulating me on my hard work.  Tomorrow will be a boxing day, so hopefully I’ll have a little higher calorie burn.

Today’s stats:

  • Workout time: 25 minutes
  • Calories burned: 198
  • Arm size: an impressive 14 inches! (I KEED!) 

One Response to EA Sports Active Blog: Day Four

  1. Wayne says:

    Is that Gary Busey? 😉

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