EA Sports Active Blog: Day Five

I eat because I'm sad, but I'm sad because I eat...

I eat because I'm unhappy, but I'm unhappy because I eat...

Forgive me EA Sports Active, for I have sinned… The last 24 hours of this mofo’s life has been rocky. Last night I had some friends over for the UFC fight and I went a little crazy with the pizza and beer. As if that wasn’t enough, I followed that up today with more pizza and some killer ribs with macaroni salad – damn you holiday weekends!

Luckily, I pulled things together tonight and jumped right back into my 30 day challenge… better late then never. Tonight’s workout consisted of perhaps the most difficult exercise the game has thrown at me yet, jumping lunges. Here I was having problems with just standard lunges and this son of a bitch tells me that isn’t enough and it’s time to add a jump in between. The good news is I pulled them off, barely.

Today’s other mini games consisted of inline skate jumps and boxing along with the regular bi-cep curls and arm exercises. I’m keeping up and I still feel good, and tomorrow I’m jumping back on the healthy eating band wagon.  Until then…

Today’s stats:

  • Workout time – 25 minutes
  • Calories burned – 218
  • Ribs demolished – 6!

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