EA Sports Active Blog: Day Eight

EA Sports Active: Large Blues Balls Not Included.

EA Sports Active: Large Blues Balls Not Included.

Results day.  The moment every dieter dreads if they’ve been bad or can’t wait for if  they’ve followed their regime… unfortunately this week I squarely into the first group.  Before I go too far, EA Sports Active kept up it’s end of the bargain.  I worked out every two days and broke a good sweat.  My main issue this week was Memorial Day weekend and my lack of will power when it comes to pizza, ribs and macaroni salad!

Needless to say, today’s workout was just what the doctor ordered to kick me back into the program.  My trainer promised me a good workout today and boy was she right!  After a nice warm up run I was thrown right into squats and then, you guessed it, lunges.

The game threw a new mini game at me, basketball.  There wasn’t too much to this excercise, it mainly consited of throwning the b-ball at targets.  I also skated down the hills of a nameless city and hit the boxing bag for a few rounds.

Tomorrow is another day of rest (already?) but I may sneak in a workout to keep me going.  Bottom line, I lost two pounds this week and still stuffed my gut over the weekend, I’ll be curious to see what happens when I actually eat right!

Today’s Stats:

  • Weigh in – 244
  • Workout time – 27 minutes
  • Calories burned – 228

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