EA Sports Active Blog: Day Nine

Another off day for me, but I’ve decided today I’ve decided to add something new to my experimental regime – Nintendo’s Personal Trainer Walking for the DS. This pricy little game/peripheral promises to track my daily walking routine to promote better health… sounds good to me. The game comes with two activity meters and today will be my first day out and about with it, so I’ll be sure to chime in soon with impressions. It’s also the first DS game I’ve seen to integrate Miis from the Wii, which is pretty nifty in it’s own right!

Because one workout game wasn't enough

Because one workout game wasn't enough

Oh, and I am also jumping on a new diet bandwagon today – I’ve decided to try and get as much protein in my body as possible. I’m not going to cut out all carbs, but my addiction to breads has been crazy lately!

I’ll be back tomorrow with more Active blogging and at some point, I’m going to post my first feature on SquidTV, ‘Confessions of an E3 Booth Bab… Err Guy’. Stay tuned!

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