Sega Gives In…

March 31, 2010

After Street Fighter IV lit up the sales charts last year, Japanese game publishers have been in a scramble to re-ingnite the cooled down genre.  Sega, never being late to the party, recently showed off it’s latest edition of their Virtua Fighter 5 franchise with just a pinch of street fighter flavor mixed in…

Just kidding.  It’s April 1st in Japan and I’m sure this will be the first of many hoaxes that we’ll all be bombarded by over the next 24 hours.


There’s a Reason Why the Wallet is Empty

March 31, 2010

Namco Bandai wants you Pac-Man collectors to go big or go home!  Priced at around $150, this super cool yet ridiculously expensive pac-indented wallet hits just in time for the yellow ghost hunter’s 30th anniversary this May.

Waka waka...

I Have the Need… The Need for Speed!

March 30, 2010

Sega of America announced the launch date for it’s upcoming arcade port of After Burner Climax for the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3.  On April 21st, wannabe Mavericks will be able to show off their “top gun” skills via the 360 leaderboards, while PS3 owners will just have to wait till the 22nd.

That's Right! Ice... man. I am dangerous

The game is expected to cost around $10, a small price to pay if you ask me – Sega arcade ports will always be a welcome addition to my virtual library.  Get those flight jackets ready!

PS – Hey Sega, how about a Crazy Taxi port?  Okay, thx, BYE.

More Disney For Little Big Planet

March 30, 2010

While a Toy Story add on pack might have been more timely, Pixar and PlayStation announced this week that another Disney costume/theme pack will be hitting Little Big Planet this Thursday, April 1st.  According to the official PlayStation blog, the pack will not only include the below pictured Incredible family reunion but also some of the movie’s supporting cast including Frozone and their arch nemesis Syndrome.

Where's My Up Costume Pack?

This is the second Disney themed Little Big Planet DLC pack, the first being a Pirates of the Caribbean customization package.

Netflix Wii/XBox 360/PS3 Comparison

March 27, 2010

Featured below is a video of a quick comparison of the Wii, XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Netflix.  I was pleasantly surprised with the results… sure the Wii version is a smidge uglier but it seems to hold it’s own with the big guys when it comes down to video quality and detail.

I actually filmed the video in HD (you’ll have to excuse the poor camera work – I need a tripod ASAP), so be sure to actually watch it on YouTube to see in the correct resolution.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Gets Official…

March 26, 2010

Boxart. Mario’s latest three dimensional tryst is just a few months out and Nintendo has been kind enough to send along the game’s official box art. Enjoy!


The Nintendo 3DS – My Thoughts…

March 24, 2010

Waking up today to the news of an updated Nintendo handheld was a pleasant surprise.  Now we all expected a new Nintendo handheld at some point in the near future, but who knew it would be something so innovative and fresh?  Oh wait, this is Nintendo we’re talking about!


My thoughts on the initial news?  I’m excited… in fact I’m just plain giddy about the idea of a new way to play video games!  Reading the press release this morning brought me back to E3 2004 when the original Nintendo DS was unveiled.  This was a defining moment for me because I was a complete non-believer.  In fact, I thought the original DS was going to fall so flat on it’s face that I left Nintendo thinking I was bailing out of a sinking ship… Who would buy such a gimmicky device when the much sexier PSP was just around the corner?

Of course, I jumped back on ship just a few months later and was able to rejoin the big N just in time for the DS launch which was amazing.  A new experience was what Nintendo promised, and it delivered with innovative games like Nintendogs, a touch screen Zelda and of course a true retro throwback New Super Mario Bros.  So what will the Nintendo 3DS bring us?  That’s where my excitement lays… we could be on the brink of a whole new way to play!


Rumors have been flying around for months that the new Nintendo handheld will be running on a modified GameCube graphics chipset and have built in tilt sensors.  This morning we learned it will also have some kind of 3D technology that doesn’t require glasses… interesting indeed.  I don’t think Nintendo will show anymore of it’s cards before E3 but it is encouraging to know that 3rd party developers already have dev units and (almost) everyone seems super impressed.  A few Japanese websites posted a slew of additional details including an analog stick and 4 inch screen size, but again the only thing Nintendo has confirmed is the fact the Nintendo 3DS will be 100 percent backwards compatible.

My guess?  This thing will look completely different from the current DS hardware iterations.  Nintendo has stressed that this is not just another DS so expect the unexpected is the name of the game.


F-Zero GX in 3D? YES PLEASE!

One of the more exiting aspects of all of the current rumors flying around is the fact the system will have the processing power of a handheld GameCube.  Sure there are a ton of new ideas Nintendo will throw at us, but I hope some re-invisioning of a chosen few neglected genres will make into the mix.  We haven’t seen a new F-Zero game in years, and a 3D remake of the Amusement Vision/Nintendo GameCube classic would be just fine by me.

One other classic gem that I would love to see be given the 3D treatment is Kirby’s Dream Course  – the games mini-golf inspired landscapes scream 3D!  Throw in a wifi mode and user generated content and N might find themselves with another pink puffy hit on their hands.

I’m sure we’ll see a Mario, Zelda and Pokemon iteration within the first few years of the hardwares life cycle, but my personal guess for a launch lineup will include a Nintendogs sequel.  It’s been a solid 5 years since the first trio of games stole everyones heart and 3D might be that one thing that could rejuvenate the whole virtual pet market.

So, 3DS.  I’m excited and you should be too.  Can’t wait to get my hands on this thing come June at E3.  Nintendo, make me a believer again!