SquidTV Review – Cash Cow Deluxe (iPad)

There are thousands of iDevice puzzle games in the App Store, but for every Peggle there are at least 20 Bejeweled clones. Finding a fresh game is a real challenge. Cash Cow Deluxe is not the most exciting game available for your new iPad, but it deserves a try just on originality alone.

Farm Living is the Life for Me!

Cash Cow Deluxe is actually the third iteration of the game. Cash Cow has a simple premise: match various coins together to create larger amounts, clearing the board any time you make a dollar. This simple concept fueled the original PC game’s success and has been redefined for the iPad by including more combo options and gameplay modes.

At a quick glance, the game almost looks educational in design, but don’t let the five pennies equals one nickel math lesson deceive you. When it comes to clearing the screen with a multi combo safe you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. A few bonus stages change things up by using the iPad’s tilt sensors to land coins in a bucket, and provide a nice break in the game’s coin-clearing arcade mode.In fact, the only thing I didn’t particularly enjoy about Cash Cow is its overly childish characters and Colorforms-like reward system you have to endure during story mode.

Cash Cow’s endless mode has quickly become a go- to when I want a small dose of challenge without diving into a complex game.   Online leaderboards and achievements also prove Cash Cow Deluxe isn’t just another HD upgrade.


Cash Cow Deluxe may never be inducted into the puzzle hall of fame, but it’s a nice change of pace from match-three puzzlers . If you already own the iPhone version of the game, you can pass and just upload it to your iPad, but if you’ve never jumped into Cash Cow Moo-niverse (sorry…), the HD iPad release is a great place to start.


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