The Pick Up – May 21st Edition

May 21, 2009

This was mostly a video game week for me…  I’m still on the fence about buying the new Enimen disc and while I’m a Kevin James fan, Paul Blart will end up being a rental someday.  So here’s The Pick Up – a list of entertainment goods I acquired this week:

PunchOut (Wii) – Thank you Nintendo.  After WiiMusic and Animal Crossing, even I, Mr. Nintendo began to loose faith in what I still consider one of the greatest entertainment companies in the world.  PunchOut for the Wii delivers the perfect 1-2 punch with it’s spot on animations and tight old school controls.    I would have loved to see a new generation Tyson in the mix, but the surprise dream match doesn’t disappoint.  Hell, one of these days I may even try the gimmicky balance board/motion control combo – but until then – OLD SCHOOL GENIUS!

Boom Blox Bash Party (Wii) – I really enjoyed EA and Steven Speilberg’s first attempt at a Wii game last year, and much like PunchOut, Boom Blox Bash Party is a sequel worth squelling about.  A real family experience, Boom Blox is extremely easy to pick up and play yet has quite a bit of challenge to it when it comes to winning all the golds.  At only $39.99 Boom Blox Bash Party is a must own Wii game – go get it already!

EA Sports Active (Wii) – I’m obviously digging this Pick Up – so much so that I’m blogging about it every day.  Keep your eye on this site, only 28 more days to go to finish the 30 day challenge!

UFC Undisputed (XBox 360) – So to be completely honest, I’m not the target audience for this game.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching a good fight, I’m just not that typical Tapout wearing UFC knucklehead.  That being said, UFC Undisputed is so far a very solid effort that appears to have a ton of depth along with some exceptional production value.  I haven’t taken the game online yet, but just from the training mode alone I can tell this might be the post Street Fighter IV brawlign game of choice.  PS – Joe Rogan is a douche bag.

Howard Stern On Demand(TV) – Ok, so it may not be a physical product, but I resubcribed to Stern On Demand this week and have been laughing my ass off.  Gary’s pitch, the Iron Sheik, Ben Stiller being asked about his wife and Doogie Howser… the list goes on and on.  Best 10 bucks I’ve spent this month.

That’s the Pick Up for this week… next week’s Pick Up? InFAMOUS and Personal Walking Trainer for sure!